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What is Connection CLUB?

Connection CLUB is a Live EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Tapping Group Membership held virtually via Zoom every Monday lead by Steph Dodds. It is a wonderful way to make EFT a part of your life and be in a supportive community of other Tappers. Can't make it during the live group? All CLUB meetings are recorded and posted to our private membership area. That's right, you will have access to the entire library of Affirmation Taps!  We start promptly at 7:30am PST every Monday and calls are 30 minutes. You will be emailed a direct link to join the meeting, 30 minutes before it starts, and Steph will be there 5 minutes early for questions and getting to know the group better.

Short, Sweet & Powerful! 

Connection CLUB Monthly Membership

(C.learing L.imiting & U.nwanted B.eliefs)

Live Group Tapping Every Monday 7:30am PST, for 30 minutes


AND Access to entire library of affirmation-tapping videos in our membership area!


Topics include: Success & Prosperity, Happy Healthy Body,
Self-Love & Relationships,  Creativity, Trust & Flow  


$99.99  $33.00 per month

Individual Membership

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The Benefits of Joining Connection CLUB

  • Feel the energy of Group Tapping, be a part of a community of tappers who are supporting each-others growth & well-being...

  • Affirmation Worksheet included, Yes! Get the most out of this group by filling out your affirmation worksheet & track your progress..

  • Commit to your wellness practice, Just like exercise and meditation, bring tapping into your feel-good regimen..

  • Make your Affirmations more powerful, Tap away anything that may be keeping your affirmations from fully manifesting.

  • Making Semi-Private Tapping Affordable, Group EFT is a fraction of the price of working privately with a practitioner. 

  • Stay Connected in a time of isolation, Meet new friends from around the world who look forward to seeing you in our group each week.

Connection CLUB came at the right time for me. After a long period of self isolation due to COVID, I needed to meet new people and get back into my wellness practice.


Each session we clear our limiting beliefs by tapping on an affirmation and share our thoughts in the safe space that Steph has cultivated.


This really is a gift from the universe and the best thing is it is super affordable. As long as you have an internet connection you can join from anywhere in the world. Thank you for starting this Steph. 


Emma S.  Plymouth UK


I was tapping with Steph on her YouTube channel almost every morning, so I was beyond excited to hear she started a live tapping group! It is so nice to get specific with what is going on for me each day, and tap away any stress, worry, or resistance I might be feeling regarding things in my life. Her EFT tapping has really helped especially through the current pandemic. I always feel lighter right after each EFT tapping round. Not to mention that I can always count on having some laughs, as Steph makes the tapping process fun with her humor. She has a way of making serious issues feel light. She truly has a gift.

Caroline A. Sacramento, Ca

Massage Therapist 

Throughout the years I have practiced many healing modalities and working with Steph is at the top of my list. The tapping combines the work of accessing our limiting beliefs, without process skipping, and then landing on a positive affirmation that allows us to reset ourselves and focus on what we wish to manifest. The affirmation is a fantastic way to discover your "but......." And that's where your limiting beliefs are. I am always amazed at the long held beliefs that come bubbling up every morning! I truly love starting my day with this group. It is safe, intimate, supportive and joyful.

Lisa C.

Sacramento, Ca


Frequently asked questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

What if I cannot make it to the dedicated Connection CLUB meeting time?

Is this group interactive? I do not like to turn my Zoom video on. 

How often does Connection CLUB meet? And how long are the meetings?

I am new to EFT tapping, is this group appropriate for beginners? 

What are affirmations? What topics will we be tapping on? 

Buddy / Scholarship Membership - bring a friend!

Do you know someone who would benefit from EFT Tapping and a community of like-minded people? Or do you believe in this work and want more people to have access to it? 


If you would like to treat a friend or a stranger to 3 months of Connection CLUB, just email Steph and she will get you all set up. And if you would like to be on a scholarship program list as a receiver, please email Steph your WHY and she will be in touch with you! 

$99.99  $33.00 per month

Individual Membership

100% Privacy. We Will Never Spam You!

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